Nibiaa Devices - Smart Water Testing Solution

April 14, 2020

Problem Statement :
Life is not possible without water. Specially fresh water which is already very limited supply and which is fast becoming a commodity all across the world. All major cities across the world have already started feeling the pinch of water scarcity and people have resorted to using the ground water which has been fast depleting. Water in reservoirs, tanks and dams are also fast becoming polluted due to sewage water and has led to serious illness due to waterborne diseases. Important parameters such as pH value, Turbidity, Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) needs to be measured periodically to check if the water is fit to drink. Hence, it is fast becoming extremely important to monitor the water quality specially stored water in tanks, lakes and reservoirs to check if they are fit for human consumption.

Our Solution :
Nibiaa Devices has in-house developed water quality testing kit which can provide real-time update on water quality by installing devices in Tanks, lakes and reservoirs across the cities in drinking water supply bodies. This deviee will be able to measure water pH Value, Total Dissoved Solid (TDS) , Turbidity and water Temperature on real-time basis. These parameters are essential to measure if the water is fit for human consumption.

How we do it ?
Our devices uses various different sensors which are customizable and we use LPWAN Technology for data transfer from sensors to gateway to cloud application. The best part about our solution is our devices are battery powered and do not need power-supply for operation.