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May 16, 2020

The impact of weather on the Tea Plantation industry is immense. Besides the obvious basics of moisture, warmth,luminosity and sun that are needed for crops to thrive, other less known areas like weather information can drive a grower's business decisions, and in turn help them to plan efficiently, minimize costs and maximum yields- and ultimately profits- as a result.

While it is known that Tea Gardens make many daily decisions related to weather conditions, weather fundamentally affects four main areas of tea plantation:

Needs of water in Tea Growth:
Adequate amounts of moisture, light and temperature are required for tea growth, or crop yield. Garden Managers having access to detailed and accurate historical, real-time and forecast weather information can help them to better understand and track the growth status or stage, and in turn guide them in making significant and potentially costly decisions, such as weather, when and how much to irrigate.

Timing and Frequency of Fertilizer application in garden:
Tea Plantations have to make correct decisions in determining the proper time to apply fertilizer, as well as the application rate and fertilizer form to use because a misapplied application caused by weather can wipe away the entire field's benefits. Weather forecasting can help in ensuring that fertilizer is applied in the right conditions- when it's dry enough so that it doesn't wash away ( which would create a waste of resources and money) but yet wet enough so it gets worked into the dirt.

Pest and disease management in tea gardens:
Crop destroying pests and diseases find certain weather and humidity conditions favourable for their development and growth. The incorporation of forecast guidance into pest and disease modelling can help determine weather - and when - it's appropriate to apply pest or disease controls. This decision also requires the consideration of wind forecasts, as crop dusters, processes that spray fungicidal or insecticidal chemicals or plants , must be utilized when wind conditions are not suitable to cause sprayed chemicals to miss their targets.

Workability of field by tea plucker:
Field workability is the number of days that pluckers can do field work and is primarily dependent upon soil moisture and soil temperature. Garden managers can assess the workability of their fields by using accurate field-level weather information and henceforth, become more effective in their day by day activities.

Despite the fact that it's not always easy to quantify the cost/benefit equation for having access for reliable weather forecast information, it's a relatively easy decision for most large growers and producers to make. Tea garden managers make many small but frequent decisions about their crops on a monthly basis, and the cumulative effect of the financial implications of those decisions can be significant.

An accurate forecast for precipitation will help a tea garden manager in irrigation planning will help tea plantations in irrigation planning, as by relying on such an accurate forecast, saving the cost of unnecessary irrigation. And knowledge of the expected amount of rain over a period and irrigating just enough to allow crops to thrive, and give maximise yield.

The Role of Weather Monitoring and Forecasting in Precision Agriculture:
In this current era, weather information is playing an increasingly instrumental role in the evolving field of precision agriculture, a farming practice that emphasizes accuracy and control when it comes to the growing of crops. This approach primarily uses information technology, which includes weather prediction and other items, such as satellite and aerial imagery data like NDVI,EVI, True Color and False Color, drones, sensors, GPS guidance, variable rate fertilizer application, and crop health indicators.The ultimate goal of precision agriculture is to maximise growth efficiency at the individual seed and plant level.

Nibiaa Devices has been working towards development of a precision agriculture platform specially for the Tea Gardens in Assam,West Bengal an Darjeeling region which accounts for approximately 90% of total tea production in the country by using Digital technologies like IoT, AI Modeling to support garden managers in overall management and monitoring of tea plantation. For More details Please reach out to :

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